So by the end of the episode the colt joined up and we got to see Amy with both Spartan and the new colt by her side. Since heartland season 1 we have seen Lou fleming played by Michelle Morgan be with 3 different guys Scott Mitch and her ex husband peter morris.

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March 21 2016 at 1244 pm.

Who does lou end up with. They are portrayed by Peyton List and Kevin G. I have a failed marriage two daughters to raise and businesses to run Scott grabbed Lou and carried her to the couch. And in Heartland season 2 episode 5 Lou did propose to Scott.

Stephen Found I agree it does seem a little odd especially after she used Lou in the hospital. Carl does deny it but she does not believe him. They move to Dubai but she soon feels very alone in such a foreign country and grows to miss Heartland and her family.

Whoever s lucky enough to end up with Lou will be fortunate. Scott Cardinal is Heartlands veterinarian and close friend to the FlemingBartlett family. Lou is a super nice camp counsellor who becomes very good friends with.

They are both part of the staff in Camp Kikiwaka with Xander being a counselor and Emma being a CIT. And by the end of Heartland season 2 Lou was already seeing her now ex. She meets her future husband Peter thanks to a setup by Jacks girlfriend Lisa and starts a secret relationship with him due to Peters job in the oil industry.

They did kind of date in Heartland season 1. And by the end of Heartland season 2 Lou was already seeing her now ex-husband Peter. They went on.

Recall that way back when Scott broke up with Lou he later confessed to Ty during their plane crash survival that breaking up with her was a mistake SMITTY says. Louella DorcasLou Hockhauser is one of the characters of Bunkd later becoming the main one. Correspondingly what season does Lou get married in Heartland.

However for those still curious no Lou and Scott didnt get married. Fortunately one heroic hug later again brings Lou back to life setting the two of them up to live happily ever after. Later the series Lisa sets Lou up with Peter an oilman and eventually Lou and Peter get married have their daughter Katie and later officially adopt another daughter Georgie.

Later Lous relationship with Peter is more public and they marry at the end of season 3. The original boy in the loft and Lou had been through a lot together and it disturbed him to see her like this. Lous eyes began to tear up and she broke down into Scotts arms.

Lou Dobbs has been canceled by Fox News following a lawsuit filed by SmartMatic. Maggies Diner is up for sale. However in the next episode they already broke up.

Wayne Dupree is a free speech champion who works tirelessly to bring you news that the mainstream media ignores. By Season 4 Lou with the blessings of the Rosses has become the owner and Director of Camp Kikiwaka. And spoiler alert she did.

However for those still curious no Lou and Scott didnt get married. Personally Id like to see him do a podcast and start a new Rush-like revolution. In season two Lous relationship with Scott dissolves.

So sorry to all the Lou. Lou is the cheerful head counselor and Emmas close ally and friend. Also Lou is a female and Sam names her Louise.

After all it was the episode in which we finally found out whether she became the new Mayor of Hudson or not. I dont know what to do Lou said. Emma and Xander is the romantic pairing between Emma Ross and Xander McCormick.

Along the way Lou breaks up with her boyfriend from New York and tries to re-kindle a romance with the local vet Scott Cardinal. Speaking of Lou this was a huge episode for her as well. When they move back home Lou finds out she is pregnant.

Lou also begins dating the ranch veterinarian Scott Cardinal but they later break up. She is the main protagonist of Season 4 and Season 5. Even the jaded cop Daltry thought she had stepped well over the line with that considering Lou could have collapsed at any moment.

Its a despicable and cowardly move one weve grown to expect from the former favorite news channel among conservatives. Was Dobbs sacking just the beginning or is it intended as the end to stave off the lawsuit. Also Know does Lou get married on Heartland.

Most of the time their moments are usually interrupted by Hazel who has a crush on Xander as well and tries to embarrass Emma in front of him. Does Lou marry Peter in Heartland. They did kind of date in Heartland season 1.

1 Background 2 Season 1 3 Season 2 4 Season 3 5 Season 4 6 Season 5 7 Season 6 8 Season 7 9 Season 8 10 Season 9 11 Season 10 12 Season 11 13 Season 12 14 Season 13 15 Relationships 151 Family 152 Romantic 16 Career 17 Appearances Scott has a long history with the FlemingBartlett family as one of. The couple marries at the end of season 3. The Heartland series as always been full of romance and dramanow with the upcoming Heartland season 14 it has fans wondering who Lou will choose will it.

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