Both One Piece and Dragon Ball are among the most best-selling manga and anime of all time. A 15 years old girl Kagome transported to another world in the past meets the half dog.

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The iconic series has outsold all its competitors with ease and One Piece doesnt plan to slow.

One piece best selling manga of all time. It will run until February 28 and will decide once and for all which One Piece character is the best out of the seriess 1000 chapters. While it may be surprising to some to hear that One Piece is the worlds top-selling manga not Dragon Ball or Naruto but to fans of the series it seems pretty obvious. For those who keep track of sales data One Piece hit its prior record in December with the tallies clocking in at 460 million.

All series in this list have at least 20 million copies in circulation. The following is a list of the best-selling Japanese manga series to date in terms of the number of collected tankōbon volumes sold. It became the best-selling manga for the eleventh consecutive year in 2018.

One Piece is overrated being the most selling manga of all time doesnt make it the best at all. Golgo 13 280 million. At that time there were only 70 million copies of the manga.

Superman was created in 1938 and continues to be loved by both kids and adults around the world. Not all people have time to watch a thousand episode that has at least a hundred of filler episode. One Piece the story that involves a crazy pirate crew in search of a hidden treasure has so far sold more than 320 million copies and the series is still continuing.

Repetitive slow paced and boring manga of all time as well. There can only be one top-selling manga and that title belongs to One Piece without contest. It was mad into a TV series in 2008.

Luffy and his gang of misfits called the Straw Hat Pirates. There are three separate lists for three different comic book publication formats. One Piece is also one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time.

One Piece is often categorized with both Bleach and Naruto as one of the Shounen Big Three aka the 3 most popular. The comic follows the title character who is a professional assassin. Over the years One Piece has reached 1002 chapters and 98 volumes.

It has become one of the most successful manga and anime series of all time. Almost every week a chapter has been released on Shonen Jump magazine in Japan since 1997. The first part based on the manga vol1-36 and the second one Inuyasha.

Discussion in Anime Manga started by Armedryu May 6 2020. One Piece is the best selling manga of all time with 345 million copies sold honestly you wouldnt be asking such a question if you watched the series its like asking why is dragonball. Naruto being above Hunter x Hunter is a joke and Bleach appearing but not Yu Yu Hakusho makes me want to puke on this list.

This is just me though. This rather new series of manga is the best-selling manga ever mostly due to the number of collected volumes and its broad audience. One Piece is a manga written by Eiichiro Oda which has been an undeniable success for over 20 years.

Hunter x Hunter is the GOAT followed by Fullmetal Alchemist and Dragon Ball. This page provides lists of best-selling comic book series to date. Written and illustrated by Takao Saito this action manga has been published since October 1968.

In case youre not familiar with the long running Shonen series One Piece is the story of Monkey D. Some stay some leave and much like the anime the manga is full of filler chapters. This list is limited to Japanese manga and does not include manhwa manhua or original English-language mangaThe series are listed according to the highest sales estimate of their collected.

As of February 2021 the manga had over 480 million copies in circulation in 43 countries worldwide making it the best-selling manga series in history. The Final Act based on the rest of the original manga story. It includes Japanese manga American comic books and European comicsThis list includes comic books that have sold at least 100 million copies.

One Piece is the Best Selling Manga of All time. Collected comic book volumes periodical single-issue floppy comics and comic magazines. Luffy was inspired to become a pirate by Gol.

Both of these Weekly Shonen Jump series have enjoyed massive multimedia success and their connections run deepOne Pieces Eiichiro Oda started work as an assistant to Akira Toriyama toward the end of Dragon Balls run and he credits the experience as a huge inspiration for what he would go on to do. Finally the best-selling comic of all time is the iconic Superman which has sold more than 600 million copies. Inuyasha 犬夜叉 is a popular Manga published by Weekly Shonen Sunday with 56 volumes totally and adapted into an anime.

One Piece is the Best Selling Manga of All time. One Piece is the worlds best-selling manga and ranked third as a comic book. 15 Best Manga Of All Time According To MyAnimeList 15 Best Manga Of All Time According To MyAnimeList.

In fact the never-ending journey of the Straw Hat Pirates has actually become somewhat of an in joke amongst the fans leading to memes and satires galore. The anime series mainly consists two parts.

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