The meme that Shinji doesnt get into the robot is fairly misleading since Shinji does in fact pilot Evangelion Unit-01 regularly throughout the anime. Jan 16 2019 - I have a complicated lovehate relationship with the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise.

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Your friends loves you.

Evangelion shinji get in the robot. On the note of that robot Shinji does make it a really convoluted process to get him inside. Get in the robot. Your dad loves you.

Later Shinji does a test in Evangelion Unit-00 but when the nerve connections go bad the Eva goes Berserk just as it had previously though Shinji escapes virtually unharmed. Get in the robot. He struggles to last long enough for Rei to expose the core for Asuka to destroy killing Sahaquiel.

Editor Zac Bertschy explains the reasons behind his burning hatred for this oft-repeated. See more ideas about neon genesis evangelion evangelion neon. Im only using about 10 of my shit posting power level.

Feb 14 2021 - Explore rubbery squids board Get in the robot Shinji on Pinterest. Based on the Award Winning Vineoh god what has my life becomepart of a WatchMojo Top 10 apparentlyBeats by CopleyLyrics and Vocals by eagle8bur. Gods in his heaven.

The cockpits too small for a grownup Kick some butt in your robot. Funny one of the alternate endings of one of the gamesthere really is a giant naked Gendo instead of Rei at the end as he takes control of Instrumentality. Phineas and ferb candace flynn phineas flynn evangelion get in the robot shinji shitpost neon phineas evangelion for real tho that scene where phineas just straight up snapped and yelled at candace to get on the trike iconic its like finally phineas has had enough of her shit hes finally done name a more icconic scene ill wait.

Shinji not getting in the robot. Neon Genesis Evangelion is praised as one of the most complex and varied stories in anime but its often hard to see that given that the series constantly returns to the same problem. The phrase has also has been used to refer to characters that are forced to do stuff they dislike but are too mentally weak to decline.

Ya sabía que Shinji se quería cojer a su mamá por eso le gustaba tanto reí XD. Its number has significant biblical meaning too referring to Judas This Eva manages to get the better of both Unit-02 and Unit-08. When hes first asked to pilot then again after his second fight after the traumatic Evangelion Unit-03 fight over a dozen episodes later and before the End of Evangelion where hes slipped.

Video with sound sexy uwu. See more ideas about neon genesis evangelion evangelion neon evangelion. 171k members in the evangelion community.

Get In The Robot Shinji A lot of people seem to give Shinji flack for not getting in the damn robot. Co-piloted by Shinji and Kaworu in Evangelion. Get in the robot.

Its near-impenetrable nature requiring more self-sacrifice. Nov 14 2016 - Explore Papa ARDs board GET IN THE ROBOT SHINJI on Pinterest. Get In The Fucking Robot Shinji is a catchphrase used by fans of the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion to mock the character Shinji Ikaris refusal to pilot the Evangelion Unit 01 one of the shows giant mecha.

322 votes 22 comments. While it is a hilarious meme it is one of the most taxing elements of the series. Get in the goddamn Gendo Shinji.

Evangelion hits Netflix today bringing with it another wave of people saying get in the robot Shinji. Evangelion Shinji get in the sexy Robot. As it nears the ground Shinji is the first to get under it.

In fact Shinji only refuses to pilot four times. See more ideas about neon evangelion neon genesis evangelion evangelion. 30 Unit-13 is also nicknamed the Final Executor by Gendo.

Alls right with the world. Others seem to understand that while the standard shonen protagonist would have no problem jumping into a mech to save the day Shinji had every reason to refuse.

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