While living in Tokyo Japan I set out to explore the weirdest cafes in Tokyo including a cat cafe owl cafe hedgehog cafe and maid cafe. Once a unique phenomenon Japans maid cafe culture is now well-known around the world and has grown to make all sorts of niche fantasies come true with plump maids zombie maids and maids to help you flex your muscles.

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Cat maid cafe tokyo. 7 Craziest Cafes and Restaurants in Tokyo Cat goat owl maid cafes and ninja-themed restaurants. Maid Cafes Cat Cafes Manga Cafes in Tokyo. Cat Cafe Nyankoto was the first cafe we visited in Tokyo and it stands out luckily for all the right reasons.

In a standard maid cafe the female employees dress up as French maids occasionally the maids may wear rabbit or cat ears for extra cute appeal and refer to the customers as either Master ご主人様 goshujinsama or Mistress お嬢様 ojōsamaUpon entering one of such stores the customer is greeted with the customary Welcome home Master お帰りなさいませご主人様. Address Phone Number Cat Cafe Nyanny Akihabara Reviews. Clean up with this guide to the best maid cafes in Tokyos Akihabara district.

As we walked around Tokyos Akihabara district wandering through video arcades toy stores and a rather popular six-storey sex shop my friend turns and says to me Oh and we should definitely have dinner at a maid cafe A maid cafe. Yamanaka Building 1F. Kawai Maid Cafe Bar Akiba Zettai Ryoiki 329 6 min.

Sometimes it seems like Japan is suffering from some form of identity crisis with its mix of traditional culture and festivals cutting edge technology myriad of subcultures otaku gyaru cosplayers to name a few world-class service. Cat cafés are springing up all over the world but have always held a special position in Japan. Out of all the many establishments in Tokyos.

Japan can be a weird place for the uninitiated. Sure whatever that is. Wine cats and girls in thigh-high stockings.

Maid Cafe Tokyo When visiting Japan some of the quintessential experiences that first come to mind would be bathing in an onsen sleeping in a Ryokan exploring castles walking the Shibuya crossing eating fresh sushi and takoyaki and taking photos with the cherry blossomsHowever one unique and eye-opening experience that you can only get in Japan is visiting a Maid Cafe and its. Because of the cafes popularity many game and anime companies hold events here and if youre lucky enough to visit the cafe on the day of the event youll. This is a private tour using public.

Sometimes pairing their look with adorable cat or rabbit ears to cater to anime and manga fans. A map of all the cafes mentioned in this article after the text. The first Japanese maid cafe opened in Europe where waitresses dressed in costumy maid outfits will be serving clients.

The image of the maid is one that has been popularized and fetishized in many manga and anime series as well as in gal gamesImportant to the otaku attraction to maid cafés is the Japanese concept of. Nyankoto is run by a motivated owner who wants you to have a good time. The place to go for three of the worlds most delightful things.

Cure Maid Cafe is the original maid cafe established in Akihabara and is still the most popular maid cafe in TokyoThis European-inspired cafe has the servers dressed up in classic Victorian style maid uniforms. And the place smells like cat urine. By David Farley On 7119 at 1147 AM EDT.

Maid cafés were originally designed primarily to cater to the fantasies of male otaku fans of anime manga and video gamesThey have been analogized as the otakus equivalent of hostess bars. Here are the 7 Best Cat Cafes in Tokyo. The setting is clean fresh and very home-like with much of the seating on the floor where you can grab a fuzzy blanket and wait for the cats to fight over your lap.

The waitress still wear the typical maid dresses but with cat ears on their heads. Some maids even behave like cats. The concept of maid cafes stems from moe the feeling of affection towards cute anime characters.

The worlds first cat café Cat Garden opened its doors in Taipei Taiwan in 1998Japanese visitors to Taipei loved this concept and it was in Tokyo that the cat cafes became very popular. Theres no doubt that Japan is a leader when it comes to novelty andor weirdness. Ueno ZooShibuya Scramble CrossingMeiji Jingu ShrineTokyo towerShinjuku GyoenOwl CafeHedgehog CafeHamarikyu GardenImperial Palace.

Cat cafés on the other hand are clearly more family friendly and theyve even started pop up in other parts of the world. The customers can wear cat ears chat and play with the maids. If you like cutesy perky maids Maidreamin home cafe and Pinafore are the places to visit for youBoth of them can be credited for making the perky maid the default image that people think of when you say the words maid cafe.

Tokyo has some strange places that you need to check out. Tokyos hub of unabashed otaku culture Akihabara is famous for themed cafes and is the birthplace of maid cafes in Japan. Maid cafes started as a fad but theyre here to stay.

Akiba Zettai is an outstanding Tokyo maid café with the very kawaii theme. What followed was undoubtedly the most bizarre dining experience I think Ill ever have in my life. Cat Cafe Nyanny Akihabara Chiyoda.

Maid cafés started off as a novelty but theyre now big business in Japan. For many years now Japan has been making headlines for its unusual cafés in Tokyo. Tokyo maid cafes by type.

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