At the beginning of the exam Natsu wanted Erza as his opponent. Erza Scarlet Erza Scarlet エルザスカーレット Eruza Sukāretto is an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild wherein she is a member of Team Natsu.

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Yea YEA ILL DO THAT IM ALL FIRED UP Natsu yelled and went to find Erza as he left his house he bumped into someone.

Is erza in love with natsu. Jellal and Erza are just too deeply in love with each other. Erza starts out as a baby that appeared on the doorstep of a church in Rosemary Village and the story doesnt delve any deeper until the final arcs. Antlers-sama 54 6 Through The Worst Share The Pain ANiMExFReaKx115 61 25 k i s s ME BakanaHK 190 27 Natsu x Erza- Life NxE-Forever 180 14 Natsu x Erza Koza-Kun 137 30 Natsu x Erza Suihara 201 19 Fire Dragons Flame of Love Suihara 380 98 Love Erza x Natsu 3 TomOstry 57 5 Wont let you disappear Arwen-chan 117 27 Natsu x Erza chibis Dianga-12.

Natsu is brought to Fairy Tail by Makarov but when Natsu meets Erza she falls in love with him instantly. But if you asking does erza have a love interest I would say yes. Living in the city of Magnolia they encounter many situations that can leave them emotionally hurt or physically hurt.

Does erza have a lover I would say not yet. Natsu took a deep breath and blew fire at Erza but Erza just move to the side and keep charging towards Natsu. Its just like Romeo and Juliet but with a happy ending But my favorite couple all the time is still Natsu and Lucy - Flame and Keys.

Fiction M - English - HumorRomance - Erza S Natsu D Zeref END. How Erza almost cry when she saw Mystogan for the first time. As if romantically become couple right.

See more ideas about natsu and erza natsu fairy tail. Erza sees Natsu in her concience. Where was I She said with a slight giggle.

Natsu and Erza along with Gray Lucy and Wendy fought against Hades. Erza than ran off to Natsu. Acting like the older sister she beats the ever-loving christ out of them when they screw up.

Natsu Dragneel is a simple firefighter and his loving wife he adores Erza Scarlet who is a simple doctor. Theyre too deeply in love with each other. There are only a few couples that are.

Little did Natsu know the evil presence looming over him. Meanwhile with Natsu Man I love Erza so much but i dont know if she loves me Than go Tell her you love her Natsu Said Happy. Later on they become a couple obviously and Erza earns a extraordinary ability.

Natsu fell to the floor and squashed the cake and rubbed his head cursing Grays name. In short I know that Erza has got a masculine side she is very strong for a woman but is it a reason to love effeminate men. Jellal is a female man lol.

Theyre soo amazing couple. Jun 27 2019 - Explore cotton tail10319s board natsu and erza on Pinterest. She thought Jellal is still alive.

Is there any possibility for Erza and Natsu to end up being together. Theyre sooo perfect for each other. You remembered your crimes when you controlled the Tower of Heaven and you killed one of Erzas closest friends Simon.

Jellal nodded as he knew that your memories were finally recovered. But its been made pretty clear that she loves Jellal for a. We have Erza who loves Natsu and Grey like brothers.

He redirected his flames to follow Erza she just keeps running away from his flames and also the same time some bystanders trying to keep out of the way from Natsus flames. You requested him to bring Erza to you in private after he Ultear and Meredy met with Natsu and his friends. Fairy Tail is a long-running shonen animated series based on the manga of the same name and the recently-completed story lines on in the 100 Years Quest manga seriesAlthough Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia share the spotlight in this franchise there is also plenty of room for Erza Scarlet one of the toughest wizards in the entire Fairy Tail guild.

Im sure if he didnt belong to the Erzas childhood she would never noticed him. The Fairy Tail manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Hiro MashimaThe series takes place primarily in the Kingdom of Fiore a country in the fictional universe Earth-land where several of its residents perform various forms of magicThose who practice magic as a profession referred to as wizards 魔導士 madōshi vol. Her glee was soon ended as Natsu slid across the bar taking Erzas cake with him.

Erza sighed to herself and turned her attention back towards her cake. And after that she thinking alone for a long time. 2translation notes join.

During the Alvarez Empire arc we learn Erzas mother is actually Irene Belserion a woman who was the Queen of Dragons four hundred years ago. And first of all let me correct your question I think you meant to say. Well it depends who you view love.

And despite not saying it he was afraid of her1 Natsu greatly admires Erza due to her power bravery and strength. When Natsu described Erza to Lucy he described her as a scary omnipotent person. Natsu was the first person whose voice was heard by Erza when she was trapped in the magic power of Tenroujima.

Natsu was worried about Erza during her fight against Azuma. He loves to battle her to see whos the stronger Mage although he is always. I just hope they were once tragic couple but they will together at the end.

In addition He is not a great magus he was beaten easily by Natsu so He is weaker than Erza. Main article Natsu Dragneel Erza and Natsu Dragneel are guildmates and teammates who share a very strong bond. She also served as the guilds 7th Guild Master during Makarovs absence in X792.

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