Though most will be romance as well as the parings will be male x male so if you dont like same gender. I will also do character x character as well so feel free to comment or dm me on my wattpad and quotev.

Mpreg One Shot Home And Alone Mpreg Anime Mpreg Anime Pregnant

Anime One Shots 152K 23K 577 One Shots based on yugioh some will be X readerX OC or a shippingI hope you enjoy but please no hatersPs I only own my OC characters not the pictures and the stori.

Anime one shots wattpad. A collection of anime characters x readers written by me. Anime One-Shots - Wattpad. Also on wattpad anime list 1.

Attack on titan 10. Which are wattpad taegi1234 quotev charlottec. You never told him to not kill anyone as you knew he would never listen to you and you never tried to stop him being Kira.

Anyway I tend to normally write FemReaders but I will try to write more gender-neutral reader one shots too. My first collection of One-Shots. A collection of anime characters x readers written by me.

This is a book dedicated to one-shots from some of my favorite anime series. Features a lot of Fairy Tail and K Project a little Free. Who knows if any of you like some of the one shots so much I might expand it i.

One shots to practice tense and characterisation. Requests are ON HOLD. Assassination Classroom Beelzebub Bleach Boku No Hero Academia Diamond no Ace Fairy Tail Free Gintama Haikyuu Hetalia K Characters from season 1 only Kekkai Sensen Katekyo Hitman Reborn Kuroko no Basuke Naruto One Piece Prince Of Stride Shokugeki No.

Animes boys x reader. If you have a request please make sure its specific. Read story Anime One-Shots by DarkCherryXP Alyssa Kathleen Allycat Greer with 16689 readsIndroduction.

Anime One Shots and Lemons Various x Reader - Wattpad. NarutoNaruto Shippuden Fullmetal Alchemist Death Note Osomatsu-San Assassination Classroom Tokyo Ghoul Blood Lad Free Black Butler Magi Baka and Test One Punch Man Juuni Taisen Soul Eater One Piece Seven Deadly Sins Mob Psycho Future Diary One Piece Servamps and many moreThere will be cartoon characters and or video game characters included. CLOSED FOR NOW Writing anime one shots.

Im also open to requests. Heres is the Wattpad link if you prefer that. Jan 23 2021 - Diferentes series de One shots de Black clover Pedidos Abiertos Créditos al creador del anime.

If you have a specific genre gender or other preferen. This is also on Wattpad. Anime manga fanfiction romance my hero academia fanfiction.

Add to library 122 Discussion 15. Anime One-Shots 217K 41K 928 A N I M E O N E S H O T S You may find joys in this book if. Also since Ive.

Light Yagami your boyfriend of 3 years had invited you over for dinner. Anime one shots requests open vampire. Making only certain anime one shots since I didnt watchread ALL of the anime.

Mha x reader one shots. No girl x fem reader 6. Ive been watching so many series and felt it was time to make stories for them.

But I did watchread a lot of them Tokyo Ghoul Psycho-Pass Akatsuki No Yona Blood Black Butler Naruto and Akatsuki Attack on TitanShingeki n. The animemanga series that are included in this collection are. Anyway I tend to normally write FemReaders but I will try to write more gender-neutral reader one shots too.

Sorry if they arent any good Im trying ahaha. Futakuchi kenji is a little shit. Durarara and Blue Exorcist to name a few.

AnimeGame Oneshots The IntroRequests Page. Death Note One-Shot. 2 lemon kaoru x reader levi x reader x eren lemon killua x reader lemon killua x suicidalabused ex assasian.

A bundle of One Shots for some of my favorite characters. You are desperately in love with a fictional anime character You die-hard ship an anime couple a. This is where im going to put any oneshots I write that arent Komahina.

Its my first time writing anything on Wattpad so its probably not great but Im trying. REQUESTS OPEN A collection of one-shots of Anime characters which will vary from multiple genres. Mar 17 2020 - Read Selfish Requests.

Dirty dares todoroki shouto x reader a pair of pink arms slammed down on your desk scaring the living daylights out of you just as you sat down. Maybe a different bunch of anime mixed together. Anime x reader lemon oneshots fanfiction.

You knew he was Kira and even though you didnt agree with what your boyfriend was doing you still loved him nonetheless. This is also on Wattpad. Sorry if they arent any good Im trying ahaha.

Y n chan placing a hand over your racing heart you frowned at your best friend. 13 hours ago stormy chan. A bunch of haikyuu.

This is my book of random anime one shots. Levi Ackerman x Reader SnKAOT from the story Anime One Shots and Lemons Various x Reader by orangee_peel with 132875 reads. First uploaded to Wattpad.

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