This wiki category features all the characters present in the given anime series from main characters mafuyu sato ritsuka uenoyama ahihiko kaji and haruki nakayama to secondary and minor people seen throughout the story. Given is a slice of life and a drama romance manga written by kizu natsuki.

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He pauses drinking to ask who a new person with ritsuka his bandmate is.

Akihiko given anime characters. The given movie has been announced and is scheduled for release august 22 2020. His eyebrows are thin. It has been adapted into audio drama cds and an eleven episode anime.

He is unsure of what ritsuka means when he announces he feels he has picked up a stray puppy having absolutely no clue on what ritsuka is on about when he unconvincingly states. Note this is the anime page for akihiko for the manga page. This story page covers everything on akihiko kaji s experiences in the given anime.

Myanimelist is the largest online anime and manga database in the world. 1 appearance 2 personality 3 story 4 trivia 5 references the most distinguishing aspect of his appearance are his facial piercings including akihiko s left lip tongue and two ear piercings with a gauge. Founded in 2001 as the first anime manga recommendation database.

Read more information about the character akihiko kaji from given. Akihiko kaji is seated at his drum kit in a music studio. Akihiko kaji 梶 秋彦 kaji akihiko is one of the two deuteragonists and is a college student in the given manga.

Akihiko kaji 梶 秋彦 kaji akihiko is the drummer in ritsuka s band in the givenanime. Join the online community create your anime and manga list read reviews explore the forums follow news and so much more. It is published by shinshokan in japanese and sublime in english which is imprinted in dear comics.

The band s drummer akihiko is also rather gifted in the violin guitar and bass. Soma saito audio drama shougo yano 2019 anime mafuyu sato is the lead vocalist of the band given which was previously named the seasons before he became the fourth and newest member of the formerly three man. At myanimelist you can find out about their voice actors animeography pictures and much more.

He is the on again off again boyfriend of ugetsu and described as a popular guy. Create lists for what you ve seen read watch over 40 000 legal streaming episodes online and meet other anime fans just like you. 1 synopsis 2 characters 2 1 mafuyu sato 2 2 ritsuka uenoyama 2 3.

Characters voice actors. The seasons given voiced by.

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